Tithe and Offering Readings

These Tithe and Offering Readings are available in Adobe PDF format.

2017   Meditations on the Excellence of Faithfulness by Dr. Kefa Ntenga Nyarenchi Matwetwe
           T&O Combined Offerings PlanT&O Calendar of Offerings

2016        Stewardship Thread by Dr. Danijela Schubert, Stewardship Liaison Officer of the South Pacific Division.
Passion, Purpose & Power: Stories of our Adventist Pioneers by Chantal Klingbeil, Associate Director of the Ellen White Estate, Silver Spring, MD.
Celebrating God's Goodness by Dr. Richard J. de Lisser, pastor of the Edmonton S. D. A. Church as well as Stewardship and Trust Services Directgor of the Southern England Conference.
2013 Our Generous God by Heather Tredoux, is an educator and former VOP translator in Southern Africa. Following retirement, Heather now does voluntary work assisting refugees and asylum seekers who have come to Cape Town from various countries of Africa.
2012 Discipleship and Spiritual Revival by Miguel Luna, former stewardship director at the Northern Asia-Pacific Division; now currently servicing as dean of the Faculty of Religious Studies at Asia-Pacific International University, Muak Lek, Thailand.
2011 Faith, Promises, and Blessings by G. Edward Reid, stewardship director of the North American Division.
2011 La Foi, les Promesses et les Bénédictions par G. Edward Reid, Directeur du département de la Gestion Chrétienne de la Division nord-américaine des Eglises Adventistes du septième jour.
2010: Excelling in the Grace of Giving by Kigundu Ndwiga, stewardship director of the East Central Africa Division.
2009 GodCreator of Everything by Lori Bryan, administrative assistant in the NAD Stewardship Ministries.
2008: Eyes Touched by Grace by Bettina Krause, special assistant to the General Conference president.
2007: Channels of Grace by William G. Johnsson, editor of Adventist Review and Adventist World

Stewardship Messages from the Old Testament by Erika Puni, director of Stewardship, Sabbath School, and Personal Ministries at the South Pacific Division.


Encounters with Jesus by Dr. Will Eva, associate ministerial secretary of the General Conference.


LifeGiving Principles by James A Cress, ministerial association secretary for the General Conference.


A Matter Of The Heart by Sharon Cress, associate ministerial secretary of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.


The Attitude of Giving by Fylvia Fowler Kline, former assistant Director of the General Conference Stewardship Ministries.

2001:  Footprints of Faith by Stephen Chavez, editor of the Adventist Review.