The Abundant LIfe book

Drawing from over twenty years of experience, Jean-Luc Lézeau, former associate director of the Stewardship Ministries Department of the Seventh-day Adventist world headquarters, shares a wealth of information that transcends the traditional approach of stewardship. Following his meticulous research he covers a wide range of topics such as: Did Abraham invent tithing?  Did Jesus return tithe? How many tithes in the Bible? Unfortunate stewards in the Bible and many more. With many stories and illustrations this book provides analysis and challenge with implications for the lifestyle. 
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Growing Your Life: Reflections on Personal Stewardship from the lives of Joseph and Jesus

One needs a lot of wisdom to make right decisions, to test ones ideas, change ones habits and build ones character. To become the one that we are meant to be, to let ourselves be refashioned by God, this is the step by step journey that we are invited on in Growing Your Life. Enjoy the journey.
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The Abundant Life

In this set of DVDs, Jean-Luc Lézeau, former associate director of the Stewardship Ministries Department at the General Conference World Headquarters, shares a wealth of information that transcends the traditional approach of stewardship that focuses primarily on money. Drawing from over twenty years of experience and covering a wide range of topics in this series, he provides analysis and challenge with implications for the lifestyle of the disciple-steward.

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Get Normal: How Partnering with God Transforms Your Life

What does "normal" look like?
Think back to how God created us in His image—that's normal. We were created to live as friends of God, partnering with Him as stewards of the world He had created—that's normal. We were designed to live life in partnership with God, like Enoch, Abraham, David and Paul—that's normal. God wants us to live as His partner-friends in our lives today in a way that will transform our life and our world—that's normal.

Author, Dr. Ben Maxson is pastor of the Paradise Adventist Church in Paradise, California. He has worked as a department director for stewardship at the General Conference and continues to be a regular speaker around the world on discipleship, stewardship, and partnering with God.

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South Pacific Division Stewardship Consultation

Attendees at the 2009 SPD Stewardship Consultation in Sydney, Australia. Joseph Talipuan (SPD Director) is second from left, and Erika Puni (GC Director) is at the far right.
The Division Stewardship Consultation is an annual planning session of the Stewardship Ministries of the South Pacific Division (SPD) that brings together the division director and the four union directors for planning purposes and evaluation of its ongoing program in the South Pacific.
According to Pastor Joseph Talipuan, stewardship director of the South Pacific Division: “these consultations provide an excellent opportunity for collaborative thinking and strategizing for the future in addition to assessing our current progress in stewardship education and discipling in this region of the world.”
In their 2009 meeting which was held at the SPD Headquarters in Sydney, Australia, Dr. Erika Puni made this observation: “I was very encouraged with the SPD’s extensive ‘tithe research’ in Australia and their recent study on ‘stewardship of the environment’ both conducted by Avondale College professors.”
Steps to Discipleship (click on ICON to view the Pastor's Manual)

Steps to Discipleship integrates eight Sabbath sermons with seven weeks of daily devotional study, relational Bible reading, scripture memorization, time in reflection and prayer. A whole church strategy—Steps to Discipleship helps us recognize we are not alone on the spiritual journey. It is designed to help individuals grow in their relationship with God through an intentional discipleship progress. This experience will lead you through a natural progression of decisions and life choices that will help move you into a growing discipleship walk with God.

The Steps to Discipleship Program DVD includes: Pastor's Manual (sermon outlines, sermon transcripts, sermon power points, information sheet, promotional article), Small Group Leader's Guide, and Promotional Package (brochure, postcard, testimonial video, overview video). Press here to view a three minute video which features individuals sharing their stories of the impact of the Steps to Discipleship process and program at their church.

Join the Steps to Discipleship program and experience the abundant blessings of being a disciple! If ordering in North America contact: AdventSource: 800-328-0525 or All other inquiries call 301-680-6157 or email The cost: is only $79.95.

Associate Director Jean-Luc Lézeau (fourth from the left) poses with the Nairobi TV recording team.
Report from the Associate Director

As usual the first semester of a year is always busier than the second, but this year the landmark was to record in Nairobi a stewardship series for Hope Channel TV. With 50 programs planned, the recordings had to be scheduled in three different sessions.

The first recording session started in February. The second recording session took place the following month and the final recording was in June. In between recordings there were stewardship seminars in Central Mexican Union in April and in North Peru Union in May. The month of June was also punctuated by a stewardship weekend for the Nakuru Field in Kenya and a weekend in Bugema University in Uganda. In the month of July we had the privilege of serving the Cook Islands for a week and then the semester ended with a pastors retreat for the French Polynesian Mission in Tahiti.

We particularly commend the leaders who intentionally chose stewardship as their area of emphasis during their retreat. These leaders recognize that stewardship is first a spiritual matter before being a financial one.

SID Stewardship Congress in Pretoria, South Africa

Shown above are the five English-speaking union stewardshp directors, SID Director Micah Choga (third left back), and GC Director Erika Puni (third right front).
Four hundred and fifty registered delegates from eight countries, representing five English-speaking unions attended the first Stewardship Congress conducted in the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division (SID) held at Pretoria, South Africa, from March 25-28 of this year.

This Congress was the first of three (the other two are being organized for the Portuguese and French-speaking unions of the division) to be conducted this year to promote biblical stewardship, train leaders and members, provide resources, and share stewardship plans of the division that will help achieve the objectives established by the department for this quinquennium.

These objectives include stewardship education at all levels of the church, and helping mission and union entities within SID to become self-reliant and contributing units to the mission of God in the world. 

Report from the Associate Director

MD Joseph (left) and Jean-Luc Lézeau  at the South Central India Union Stewardship Seminar in September 2008.


The last trimester of 2008 took Associate Director Jean-Luc Lézeau to India where MD Joseph, stewardship director of the Southern Asia Division had prepared a two week itinerary in four provinces of India.

He held seminars for pastors and administrators representing 75% of the membership of this division. Lézeau then traveled to Miami for the Inter-American Division Stewardship Consultation followed by seminars in Guadeloupe where they had one of the highest SDA attendance division-wide. Lézeau states 2009 started out well with the North American Division Advisory held in South Carolina where the whole GC stewardship team was present. Reports were given on how stewardship ministry is making an impact in the world.

The Associate Director also attended the National Pastor’s Convention in San Diego; followed by a trip to Nairobi for the production of a stewardship program for the Hope Channel hosted by Stewardship Director Kigundu Ndwiga of the East Central Africa Division.

South American Division Advisory (SAD) and Theological Upgrading at CEVISA

Over fifty stewardship directors (and church administrators of the Central Brazil Union and the Division) representing the twelve Unions of the South American Division (SAD) and all conferences within Brazil were present for the SAD Advisory and Theological Upgrading at CEVISA (an Adventist Health Center outside of Campinas, Brazil) from August 17-21, 2008.

Participants attending the SAD Advisory at CEVISA, outside of Campinas, Brazil.

This event was a significant milestone in the ministry of the Stewardship Ministries in South America. It brought together stewardship directors from all the unions for training and planning. Whereas theological study was a primary focus of the training, this was also an opportunity for the SAD stewardship department to promote and provide orientation for its seminars on spiritual intimacy with Jesus, a key strategy for the division. 

The SAD relational approach to stewardship was complimented by the General Conference (GC) emphasis that “Stewardship is ALL of me in response to ALL of God.” Representing the GC Stewardship Ministries at these meetings, and assisting the SAD Director, Miguel Pinheiro, was Erika Puni (Director), and Jean-Luc Lèzeau (Associate Director).

ECD Stewardship Advisory & Certification Program

About sixty participants (East Central Africa Division [ECD] union stewardship directors and conference/mission stewardship directors within Tanzania), including administrators (presidents, secretaries, and treasurers of local conferences/missions and the union), attended the East Central Africa Division Stewardship Advisory and the Level Two Certification Program at Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, from June 21-28, 2008.

Participants at the ECD Stewardship Advisory and Certification Program at Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania. The GC director is seated fourth from the right.

A key part of the training was the involvement of each participant in preaching every night, including the two Sabbaths in an assigned church, and visiting members together with local elders at some time of the day or night. These engagements with the local churches in the city were an opportunity to provide spiritual renewal and stewardship education for church members while giving the team front line ministry contact with God’s people in Tanzania.

Preachers and Writers Contest "Sacred Eloquence" Winners:

Winner 1: Paoring L. Ragui
Vice-President for Student Services & Public Relations, Adventist International Constitute of Advanced Studies, Silang, Cavite, Philippines

Winner 2: Melak Alemayehu Tsegaw
Stewardshp Director, Central Ethiopia Field, East-Central Africa Division

Winner 3: Mundia Liywalii
Stewardship Director, Zambia Union Conference, Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division

Sermons published in the 2008 October-December issue of the Dynamic Steward. Click here to view.

Report from Northern Asia-Pacific Division

Mongolian leaders with Dr. Puni and Dr. Luna at Ulaan Baatar.
April marked a significant time in the life of the church in the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) with regard tostewardship education. Dr. Miguel Luna the division director and Dr. Erika Puni from the General Conference Stewardship Ministries conducted stewardship training programs in four different locations (Tokyo, Japan; Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia; Taichung, Taiwan, and Hong Kong) over a sixteen day period for both pastors and la y leaders. The director observed, “The level of interest in stewardship and commitment to God and His mission in the world through the ministry of the Church as demonstrated by leaders and members at these training seminars was outstanding.”

This itinerary also had special significance for the church in Mongolia as this was the first time in which stewardship education had been done in this new territory of the world field. Furthermore he noted, “As a young church (both historically and generationally), we were encouraged and very impressed with the attendees’ grasp of the material and enthusiasm in accepting the wholistic approach to stewardship that allows for the Lordship of Jesus Christ in all areas of one’s life.”


Report from Meetings in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Directors from left to right: Jean-Luc Lézeau (GC associate director); Roberto Herrera (IAD associate director), Kigundu Ndwiga (ECD), Edward Reid (NAD), Raafat Kamal (TED), Mario Niño (IAD), Miguel Pinheiro (SAD), Marapaka Joseph (SUD), Salomon Assienin (WAD), Erika Puni (GC director), Maria Ovando-Gibson (GC assistant director).

April marked a significant time in the life of the church in the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) with regard to stewardship education. Dr. Miguel Luna the division director and Dr. Erika Puni from the General Conference Stewardship Ministries conducted stewardship training programs in four different locations (Tokyo, Japan; Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia; Taichung, Taiwan, and Hong Kong) over a sixteen day period for both pastors and lay leaders. The director observed, “The level of interest in stewardship and commitment to God and His mission in the world through the ministry of the Church as demonstrated by leaders and members at these trainin g seminars was outstanding.”


More than half of the Division Stewardship Directors and also General Conference Stewardship personnel from Silver Spring, Maryland, were present for two distinct but related events in Albuquerque, New Mexico, from January 29 to February 02, 2008. The Division Directors Consultation which took place first provided a forum for a focused discussion and presentations. The Combined Offering Plan—one of the three offering systems used by the Adventist church today was presented by Mario Niño from IAD who also reported that “the meeting in Albuquerque was very useful.” “It gave me the opportunity to learn how the stewardship program of the church is progressing in other parts of the world thus giving inspiration and creating a sense oneness.” 

The directors also attended the Annual Conference of the Christian Stewardship Association (CSA) where all members of the team participated in a learning experience from other Christian professionals. This was a time to listen, engage, and interact with stewardship specialists from within North America. According to Salomon Assienin from West Africa (WAD), “The different workshops I participated in gave me a lot of tools and resources that will help me for my training programs. The CSA Conference has been to me an importance source of inspiration and creativity.”

Lake Union Conference Stewardship Report

Nearly 150 Union and Conference officers, directors, pastors, and lay leaders participated in what many reported to be the best stewardship conference they had attended. The Partnership With God Bible Stewardship Conference was held December 2-4, 2007, at the Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews University. Organized and sponsored by the Lake Union Conference Stewardship Ministries, the three-day conference included nine presentations by Ed Reid, NAD stewardship director; Erika Puni, GC stewardship director; Maria Ovando-Gibson, GC stewardship assistant director; Kathy Reid, author of Dollars and Cents from Grand Mommy; and Walter L. Wright, president of the Lake Union Conference.

The conference was designed to teach leaders how to model and present biblical principles that lead to an abundant and fulfilling partnership with God. All PowerPoint materials presented in the conference were made available to the attendees and a number are now presenting their own stewardship conferences.

Your invitation to a Generous Life...

In this booklet we are inviting you to travel with us in an exciting and rewarding experience of getting to know Jesus as Creator, Owner, Sustainer, and Redeemer of our souls.To facilitate this process of spiritual discovery we are providing selected Scriptural passages and inspiring quotes including those from Ellen G. White for you to read, reflect, and pray about. This journey does not come to an end in seven weeks rather this is only the beginning of a new life of partnership with God.

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Report from the Inter-American Division

Stewardship directors and church leaders at evaluation meeting.
September 17 was an important date and event in the life of the church in the Inter-American Division (IAD) with headquarters at Miami, Florida. This was the opportunity after many years of operating under the “Combined Offering” system (60-20-20) that the division and stewardship department took a formal evaluation of this system for receiving and distributing offerings in support of the church both locally and globally.


However, Dr. Mario Niño, stewardship director for IAD pointed out that there was a lot of hard work (consulting, negotiations, study, and fine tuning) and training involved in the implementation of this system to bring it to where it is now. Any success as noted in the evaluation report is contributed to God’s blessings and the faithfulness, and commitment of members at all levels of the church in Inter-America to this plan.


Attendees at the WAD Advirsory in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire.
Division Advisory Meetings in WAD, SUD, EUD and Trainers Certification Program (SSD)

The second quarter (April-June) of this year was a very busy time for both the director and associate director in attending a number of Division Advisories (WAD, SUD, EUD) and the Stewardship Trainers Certification Program (SSD). According to Dr. Erika Puni, “There’s a sense of excitement and acceptance of the holistic approach to biblical stewardship that focuses on the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His power to transform human values from within. There is also a high level of commitment from the team in all of these divisions towards the goal of making disciples for God’s Kingdom. At the same time, we also noticed the different and unique challenges facing each of these world divisions, and I praise God for each of our division directors for their spiritual leadership and perseverance in the face of an ever changing world that we live in.”


Gifts of Heaven

Gifts of Heaven (GOH) is a new initiative of the General Conference, designed to provide information to church members as to how tithes and offerings are used to support the ministry of the Church worldwide. As Christians, we practice principles of systematic giving—returning to God His tithe and giving offerings freely, as an act of worship. The Church organization receives these funds to use for the local, regional, and global needs of the Gospel work.

In addition to the receipt and distribution of these resources, as God’s steward, the corporate Church has a spiritual responsibility to give an account of how tithes and offerings are used to develop His mission on earth. In this context, GOH is a communication tool designed to help church members understand how the Church manages God’s financial gifts.

If you have further questions or would like to order resources about the GOH, please go to its website at At this website interested persons may log in and receive an overview and orientation to the GOH package.

Tell The World

In the words of Elder Mark Finley, General Vice President of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, “Tell the World is a vision of how the gospel of Jesus will be shared by the Seventh-day Adventist Church from 2005-2010. It focuses the church on its identity as a “called out” community and its end-time mission of proclaiming the gospel to ‘every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people’” (Rv 14:6 KJV).

Findley says, “Tell the World is more than a program or slogan. It is a vision of what the Church, by God’s grace, will be and do in fulfilling the command of Jesus to preach the Gospel to every creature. It is an individual and corporate commitment to live out the key values of quality of life, unity, and growth in God’s family.”

The church has identified seven key areas on which to focus its resources, energies, and prayers: 1) Spiritual Growth, 2) Community Involvement, 3) Personal Witness, 4) City Outreach, 5) Church Planting, 6) Evangelistic Programming, and 7) Media Ministry.

Click here Tell the World to obtain an unabridged outline of the Tell the World initiative. Please pray with us that, by the grace and blessing of God, these goals will become a part of each member's life and mission in sharing the good neew of Jesus Christ.

Let God be God

Biblical Stewardship Foundations is a comprehensive stewardship training seminar geared for pastors, elders and teachers. Biblical stewardship is about the reign of Jesus in our hearts—having a personal encounter and relationship with Him. Presented by Ben Maxson, former General Conference Stewardship Director (1994-2004), this seminar provides excellent teaching and preaching material that can be used for small and large group settings. The new paradigm presented in Let God be God—Biblical Stewardship Foundations will bring a change in personal perspective and life-changing values that are rooted in the person of Jesus Christ. Three DVD set (7 hrs 26 min / 18 sessions) is available in NTSC or PAL.Only $15 USD plus S&H Student handbooks available. For more information and to order, contact: Johnetta B. Flomo at 301-680-6157 or E-mail: Order online at

Upcoming Issues

We are always looking for sermon articles for Dynamic Steward! Following are themes for upcoming issues: 1) Steward Leader, 2) Young Adults and Stewardship, 3) Offerings, and 4) Resource Development.

If you have a sermon that you would like for us to review, or if you would like to write a sermon, please note that we look for meaningful stories and illustrations and biblical referencing. The typical article is 1000 words. We extend an honorarium of US$50 for previously written sermons and $75 for newly written sermons. Please submit to


Stewardship. . .really is worship

As stewards of God's grace and blessings in this world, we want to express and demonstrate our devotion to Him—Owner of the whole universe. A powerful, new resource is now available explaining stewardship from the perspective of worship. This new and attractive fourfold color brochure is an excellent stewardship tool depicting stewardship from the perspective of worship. This brochure is a quality handout. Pay only $30.00/100 plus shipping (U.S. $6.00; Overseas $12.00). To order this powerful resource call 301-680-6157 or email your request to