• STW 2010 – Dynamic Stewards Online Seminars is the product of a online stewardship conference streamed live from the General Conference in September 19-21, 2014. It consists of 24 video presentations (with questions from viewers answered by a discussion forum) by 15 experts, translated into Spanish, French and Portuguese.  This is the answer to all your stewardship education needs. Use them to run your own stewardship event and watch your congregation grow spiritually and financially! View them online at:

    Available for purchase at AdventSource.org. 



  • STW 3070 – Steps to Discipleship, $79.95. This program integrates eight Sabbath sermons with seven weeks of daily devotional study, relational Bible reading, scripture memorization, time in reflection and prayer. It is designed to help individuals grow in their relationship with God through an intentional discipleship progress. Program DVD includes: Pastor's Manual (sermon outlines, sermon transcripts, sermon power points, information sheet, promotional article), Small Group Leader's Guide, and Promotional Package (brochure, postcard, testimonial video, overview video).